Assistance or Accessory Work

I’ll use the term assistance work mostly here, but (on this site) I’m using it synonymous with accessory and supplemental movements used in a given workout. I also use it because it’s the way Wendler describes it and i’ll stay consistent with that since this program is built on his writings. The purpose of assistance […]

Skills List provides a great list of all the movements one should be familiar with. It can be found here:

Here are a list of gymnastic movements that are always good to practice. All of these can be modified for skill and/or fitness level. (Google It)

Lifting Template

Week 1

Warm Up

5 x 40%

5 x 50%

3 x 50%

Work Sets

5 x 55%

5 x 65%

AMAP x 75%

Practical Powerlifting

This is a very simple program designed to get maximum results. It’s a hybrid of several popular lifting programs, and has been tested with hundreds of clients over 10 years.  If you follow it, it works, you get stronger, period.